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Indiana has become a very well balanced state economically as result of working Hoosiers paying a multitude of taxes out of our pockets.

Floyd County has several new bridges which residents are paying for through increases in gas tax and tolls on bridges. One way to help Floyd County residents lessen the burden of such costs is to introduce a transportation tax-reduction for those residents who live in Indiana and work in Louisville Metro.  Additionally, I will seek lower toll costs for Southern Indiana residents who use the bridges and new highway connectors.

I plan to address drug reform. Making substance abuse treatment more affordable and more accessible than purchasing drugs themselves. Indiana residents pay 1.5 billion dollars annually as result of the effects of the Opioid addiction. The barrier to treatment in Indiana is that medical treatment and mental health treatment is more expensive for our people than the drugs they are buying.

The needle exchange has helped to decrease the spread of HIV, however, it has done very little in addressing Heroin and Methamphetamine use. We need to eliminate the stigma of Opioid addiction as our population of grandparents raising their grandchildren as result of the Opioid epidemic is at a all time high. I will seek protections for those elderly whom have financially suffered or been exploited as result of the Opioid crisis.

We need to provide incentives to Indiana College graduates that have an overwhelming average college debt of $30,0000. We need them to remain living and gain employment in Indiana. We have continually seen an increase in college tuition with little or no incentives for those students to stay in Indiana. A majority of our graduates will leave the state of Indiana to gain employment elsewhere.  I recommend a $5,000 tax credit ( two years ) to those Indiana students who stay in Indiana while are paying their student loans whom have graduated with a 4 year degree from an University in Indiana.

I support investing in Quality Early Education for children ages 4 and 5. The yearly  amount of paying for quality child care in Indiana is slightly higher then some public university tuitions. Research indicates those youth who do participate in early education have increase well being, as well as higher academic success rate.

I fully support Indiana Public education system in recognizing the tremendous efforts our teachers educating our youth. I believe using the taxpayers dollars in paying for youth to attend private school is not a good investment and should be re-invested in keeping our schools safe.


The New Albany Floyd County School Corporation has an excellent relationship and participation from our local law enforcement agencies and recently obtained theLilly Endowments Comprehensive Counseling Initiative Grant to supply a mental health therapist in each school. We need to set the standard of safety in Hoosier schools in sustaining those therapist in the schools, developing a standardized threat assessments on any student who may exhibit a risks of harm to our students. Additionally, I support sensible gun control by requiring universal background checks, passing gun violence restraining order law the purchase of excessive magazines , eliminate bump stocks and evaluating why we really need automatic weapons. I do not support teachers have the additionally responsibility of carrying a weapon in school as their primary focus in educating our children.

Sam for State Representative, Carol Ward, Treasurer
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